"It's so great to see so many new faces here this evening! Sightly young girls among them," Pastor Joonas thunders from his dark pulpit, concealing his face with a book of poetry read ragged: "We have a genuine Godd statue along the wall here – just about face-high. The town's best beer is brewing in the brew chamber, a jacuzzi filled with French holy water awaits in the crypt!"

Micro-publisher Face Church was founded in 1994 – six years before the end of the world, ten years before Facebook. According to quantum historians' calculations, Facebook is physically located in the Face Church brew chamber, in the dresser drawer, and in actuality is an old tin candy box, where the pastor used to hide eucharists from the mice. That is, until he one day discovered that rather the mice should be shut into the box, and the eucharists and other biscuits simply left lying upon the table.

As of this moment, 20 books have been published from Face Church's cryptic crypt – mostly live Estonian poetry. Sales charts aren't broken with poetry – we leave those bars for track athletes' memoirs to knock down; but an Estonian National Culture Foundation Debut Award, a Betti Alver Debut Award, a certificate for the most appealing book in the Baltic States, and a row of Most Appealing Estonian Book certificates have indeed gone up on the wall.

"Fear not, we have young ones here, too," Pastor Joonas summarizes the embarrassing panel in brief: "Give yourselves to the Face!"


"I want a book, which is infinitely readable; utterly and piecemeally overreadable; beginning anew from every page. I want a book, where the narrative branches off; yet where poetry, prose, tables, and play-like dialogue stand intermixed.

I want a book, which is over-designed, over-illustrated, cross-referenced, as brimming with quotes and loans as a full moon. I want a book, which tucks me in, reads itself to me in my dreams, wakes me up to the new day.

I want a book, which is beautiful and terrifying all at once; which is luxurious, but at the same time democratic; which speaks to all listeners and hearers. Does that book exist somewhere, or do I really have to write, draw, lay out and bind it all myself!?" Pastor Joonas raises his clutched fists towards the low-hanging sky.

Until that book is completed, one must make do with Face Church's publications thus far. Face Church has cooperated with the following authors: Joshua Beckman, Kristiina Ehin, Maarja Kangro, Jan Kaus, Asko Künnap, Erkki Luuk, Hannu Oittinen, Kaur Riismaa, Matthew Rohrer, Jürgen Rooste, Lauri Saatpalu, Karl Martin Sinijärv, Triin Soomets, Matthew Zapruder, and Elo Viiding.

Face Church books are on sale at well-stocked bookstores: www.apollo.ee and www.rahvaraamat.ee


Please send all complaints and proposals regarding the church's activity or inactivities to the genuinely electric mailbox of Face Church's earthly secretary, Asko Künnap. One may also send manuscripts for forwarding to the honorable council, but Pastor Joonas uses them foremost for kindling or lining the brown rats' den – the likelihood of being published at Face Church is as utterly minute as the Higgs Boson.

Face Church books are on sale at well-stocked bookstores: www.apollo.ee and www.rahvaraamat.ee.

Only the last copies of sold-out rarities may be purchased for a small fortune directly from the church. And even acquiring those demands inventiveness and patience.